Water Distillation

On Demand Automatic Water Distillation Units

Distillation is considered to be the most reliable method for producing purified water in a laboratory.

USER PRESET : Simply PresetThe quantity of distilled water required . Automatic  shut off  after producing the set volume, saving chemist’s time, power and water consumption.

COUNTDOWN TIMER that estimates the time to collect desired volume.Digital alerts to alert the user.

The AUTO CUT OFF system which will alert the user of any malfunction like disruption in feed water supply / probe errors / heater failure and safely shut off.

TEMPERATURE SENSOR offer overheat protection

A temperature sensor feedback checks for sufficient water level in the boiler and indicates with a buzzer turning the heater will turn off. Also  displays an error message safely ending the process.

The Built – in CLEANING GUIDE helps the user clean any sediment deposition in simple steps.

THREADED JOINTS for leak free operation.

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