Premium Series Of Water Bath

Premium series of circulating water baths are an ideal choice when temperature uniformity and control are particularly critical.

Water Circulation facilitated by the built in Magnetic Stirrer for effective stirring.

Digital display to set parameters, such as temperature as well as time & RPM values

USB interface to record and monitor the data.



Robust and User friendly

⦁ Seamless Deep-drawn stainless steel PAN (SS304)
⦁ Rounded corners, and smooth surface to assist in easy cleaning

⦁ Full SS Construction
⦁ Perforated Base Plate with easy flask locator & better convection
⦁ SS Cover Lid with Concentric Nylon Rings
⦁ High Quality Glasswool Insulation to prevent overheating


Temperature controls
⦁ Temperature ranges from (ambient +5) to 95.0°C .
⦁ Ensures Control accuracy of ±0.2°C at 37°C.
⦁ Provided with PT1000 External Probe

Drain Tap and Convenient Side Handles for User Convenience.


Safety features like the Low water cut off, Overheat protection, Timer cut off and Overcurrent protection ensuring safe working conditions

Technical Specifications

Model WBP012 WBP015* WBP020 WBP024 WBP035 WBP060
Nominal capacity 12L 15L 20L 24 L 35 L 60 L
Working Temperature range Ambient +5°C to 99°C Ambient +5°C to 99°C Ambient +5°C to 99°C Ambient +5°C to 99°C Ambient +5°C to 99°C Ambient +5°C to 99°C
Temperature stability ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C
Interior dimensions (W x D x H) 355X325X150 (355 x 325 x 200) mm (528X325X150) mm (528 x 325 x 200) mm (650 x 530 x150) mm (650X530X200) mm
Exterior dimensions* (W x D x H) 375X340X300 (341 x 351 x 312) mm (546X412X320) mm (560 x 360 x 300) mm (660 x 618 x 420) mm (660X618X470) mm
Electrical Requirements 6 A 6 A 12 A 12 A 12 A 13 A
Power Consumption 900 W 900 W 2000 W 2000 W 3000 W 4000 W
Element Free Tank Yes Yes Yes Yes Tubular Tubular
Supplied With Concentric Rings Lid 6 Position PC Lid 8 Position 8 Position SS Hinged Canopy SS Hinged Canopy
HSN Code 84198990 84198990 84198990 84198990 84198990 84198990
Ordering Information BLFHWBP01200000000 BLFHWBP01500000000 BLFHWBP02000000000 BLFHWBP02400000000 BLFHWBP03500000000 BLFHWBP06000000000

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