bhrmi Vortex Mixers

Stable, silent & versatile vortex mixers

  • Advanced vortex mixer with
    continuous or touch operating mode
    at variable speed control
  • LCD display for rpm and timer to achieve reproducible results
  • Optimized built-in safety features against overload and current fluctuations.
  • The unique counter-balance system creates maximum vortexing action and optimized safety.
  • Stable suction device feet, provide vibration dampening and prevent movement during vortexing.
  • The new robust dia cast alloy
    construction ensures the best in class chemical resistance.

Technical Specifications

Model BHRMI 1.0 BHRMI 2.0
Speed 500 to 2800 rpm 300 to 2800 rpm
Orbital diameter 6 mm 6 mm
Operational mode Touch, Stand-by & Continuous mode Touch, Stand-by & Continuous mode
Timer Setting No 0 -999 min
Display No LED with rpm & time
Feet Four suction cups Four suction cups
Unit External Dimension (W x D x H) (132 x 160 x 180 ) mm (132 x 160 x 180 ) mm
Power consumption 55 W 56W
Current consumption 0.6 A 0.6 A
HSN Code 84798200 84798200
Ordering Information BLFHVMX01000000000 BLFHVMX02000000000


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