Oracle Series of Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

KDI040, an automatic system controls all functions with a single rotary button.

Allows automatic addition of steam, alkali, distilled water & acid.

Recommended for all types of industries that estimate ammoniacal and organic kjeldahl nitrogen.

Smart, efficient distillation systems for labs

  • Process kill switch to halt the process in case of accidental door opening
  • Tube sensor that enables safe operating conditions in event of tube damage
  • Borosilicate glass assembly along with SS steam generator enhances the life of the unit
  • Single knob control function
  • Detachable bottom drip tray for extra protection against acidic attack during sample loading
  • Single press precise addition of  alkali anytime during the distillation cycle
  • Reagent refill level sensor to avert reagent dry out

  • Acid and alkali pump calibration for accurate reagent dosing

  • Documentation of no. of cycles and hours of usage with auto service and maintenance alerts

Technical Specs

Feature/ Model KDI010 KDI040
Steam addition Automatic Automatic
Distilled water addition Manual Automatic
Alkali addition Manual Automatic
Boric acid addition Manual Automatic
Input for 20 sample processing Yes NA
Display LCD LCD
Tube Capacity (ml) 250/400ml 250/400ml
Steam power (Adjustable) 25% to 100% 25% to 100%
Minimum distillation Time (mins) 5 5
Reagent level sensor NA Yes
Anytime alkali addition Yes Yes
Tube error detection Yes Yes
Door close sensor Yes Yes
Process resume from stop Yes Yes
One point alkali and distilled water pump NA Yes
Two point calibration for acid pump NA Yes
Real time monitoring of process parameter Yes Yes
SELV protection Yes Yes
User Editable Programs NA 50 (10 pre defined editable programs)
Nitrogen recovery >99.5% >99.5%
Nitrogen reproducibility ±1 % ±1 %
RSD <1% <1%
LOD 1-200mg with of ≥0.1mg of Nitrogen 1-200mg with of ≥0.1mg of Nitrogen
Current Consumption 5.5 A 5.5 A
Power consumption 1000 W 1000 W
Dimension (L X B X H) (380 x 350 x 725) mm (650 x 350 x 725) mm
HSN Code 84790000 84790000
Ordering Code BLFAKDI01000000000 BLFAKDI04000000000

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