Magnus series of Kjeldahl distillation

  • Kjeldahl Nitrogen or Distillation of Volatile substances.
  • For the modern chemist in Milk & Dairy, Food, Feed, Grains, Cereals, Oil Seeds, Meat & Meat Products, Beverage Laboratories.
  • In built application library and process optimized analysis

Smart, efficient distillation systems for labs

  • Bright 7″ color touch screen and easy-to-use software guide the operator step-by-step
  • Clear and intuitive operations thanks to the Smart User Interface and digital display
  • Inbuilt Nitrogen calculator that provides Nitrogen and Protein results in just one touch.
  • Programmable Reaction Time with Continuous real time monitoring of steam temperature, display at the time of water filling and other parameters.
  • The Mangus Kjeldahl distillation unit combines excellent value-for-money with high reliability and advanced performance.
  • Programmable water, acid and sodium hydroxide addition
  • Selectable steam generation output level 10% – 100%
  • Auto removal of residues from sample tube
  • The Mangus is provided with Maximum safety for the operator.
  • Sensors monitor tube in place, safety doors, reagent levels, cooling water flow-rate and more
  • The Steam Generator guarantees safe working conditions with quick pre-heating time, High performance and resistance which works with distilled water or direct tap water when connected with a softner
  • Modular design with glass reinforced polymer construction simplifies maintenance. 
  • Validated and chemical-resistant components benefit from low operating costs. 
  • A stand-by mode and the separately controllable cooling water supply keep costs down.
  • A removable bottom drip tray ensures quick cleaning and longer unit life.

Technical Specs

Model Name KDI050
Tube Capacity (ml) 250ml/ 400ml
Minimum distillation time (mins) 5
Current Consumption (A) 10
Power consumption (W) 1500
Dimension (L X B X H)mm (480 X 470 X 820)
HSN Code 84198990
Ordering Code BLFAKDI05000000000

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