Kjeldahl Digestors

Safe, Simple & Efficient Digestion Systems for Labs

Intricately control digestion temperature curves for complete consistent unsupervised digestion

Priority for chemist safety- Safe to touch insulation, Hot surface warning

Monitor process parameters, pre-set sample cycles, plot ramp rate, hold times, digestion time

Synchronised fume extraction with perfect fit to manifold

Technical Specs

Model Name KBD200 KBD061 KIR060 KIR020
Type Block Block Infrared Infrared
Positions 20 6 6 2
Tube capacity (ml) 250 250 250 250
Element Temperature(°C) 700 700 700 700
LCD display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time and Temp controller Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heating chamber unit Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Current consumption (A) 12 6 12 4
Power consumption (w) 2800 1300 2400 800
Dimensions (L X B X H)mm 410 X 585 X 735 414 X 450 X 665 580 x 390 X 665 330 X 360 X 665
Ordering Code KBD20000000000 KBD06100000000 KIR06000000000 KIR02000000000

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