Fume Scrubber

The sulfur dioxide fumes, a by-product of digestion, cause environmental pollution and probable health hazards if disposed of ineffectively. The need for a fume hood can be nullified by the fume scrubber system by LabQuest Borosil.

The easy to assemble construction makes all components easily accessible

The protective front shield gives extra protection to the scrubber body 

The scrubber helps neutralizing toxic fumes by its 4 stage mechanism

  • Stage 1 : Condensation via condenser
  • Stage 2 : Neutralization by distilled water
  • Stage 3 : Neutralization by Alkali
  • Stage 4 : Neutralization by carbon filter

Technical Description – Fume scrubber

Model Name KSC010 KSC020
Current Consumption 1A 1A
Pump delivery Rate 28 Ltr/Min 45 Ltr/Min
Dimensions (WxDxH) 365 X 375 X 480 mm 365 X 375 X 480 mm
Ordering Code BLFAKSC01000000000 BLFAKSC02000000000
HSN Code 84141000 84141000

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