Fume Scrubber

A byproduct of digestion is the sulfur dioxide fumes that cause environmental pollution and probable health hazards if disposed of ineffectively. The need for a fume hood can be nullified by the fume scrubber system by LabQuest Borosil.

The scrubber helps neutralizing toxic fumes by its 4 stage mechanism

  • Stage 1 : Condensation via condenser
  • Stage 2 : Neutralization by distilled water
  • Stage 3 : Neutralization by Alkali
  • Stage 4 : Neutralization by carbon filter

Technical Description – Fume scrubber

Model Name KSC010
Current Consumption (A) 1 A
Pump delivery Rate 28 Ltr / Min
Dimensions (W x D x H ) 410 x 365 x375mm
Ordering Code KSC01000000000

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