Block Digesters

Safe, Simple & Efficient Digestion Systems

Efficient: 6, 8, 12, 20 sample positions specific to  industry offering excellent thermal stability and homogeneity. 

Safe : The surrounding heat shield and front control fibre panel protects the user from burns during the digestion.

Simple:  Intuitive display and easy to operate keys makes it convenient and simple for use

  • Just weigh your samples, add the reagents and catalysts and select the method of your choice and KBD digesters will do the rest for you
  • Intricately control digestion temperature curves for complete consistent unsupervised digestion

Graphical representation and monitoring of process parameters, pre-set sample cycles, plot ramp rate and  digestion time.

  • Priority for chemist safety- Safe to touch insulation, Hot surface warning
  • Reproducible digestion due to refined thermal homogeneity
  • Delayed scrubber start ensures safe unattended operation and complete fume evacuation
  • The easy-to-clean drip tray reliably catches any acid residues.
  • Extended lifetime of block and accessories with protective drip tray
  • The aluminium block protection grid provides enhanced heating performance and protects the heating block from splashes and chemicals
  • Excellent corrosion protection thanks to the front acid-proof enamelled coated based
  • Accurate temperature control with the programmed profile
  • The automatic lift function ensures comfortable and safe lifting and lowering of test tube rack
  • Synchronised fume extraction with perfect fit to manifold
  • Improved sealing for effective transfer of harmful fumes
  • Easy export of data with pirnt and PC data transfer ports
  • Allows documentation of sample time, temperature and other process parameters

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