Continuous or touch operating mode at variable speed control

Selection from 50 rpm for very gentle mixing to 2800 rpm for vigorous agitation

Knob for quick acceleration and display of speed and time for fine control

Various interchangeable attachments and inserts for mixing requirements in every application

Technical Specifications

Model BHRMI 1.0 BHRMI 2.0
Speed 50 to 2800 rpm 300 to 2800 rpm
Orbital diameter 6 mm 6 mm
Operational mode No 0 -999 min
Display No LED with rpm & time
Feet Four suction cups Four suction cups
Unit External Dimension (W x D x H) 55 W 56W
Current consumption 0.6 A 0.6 A
HSN Code 84798200 84798200
Ordering Information BLFHVMX01000000000 BLFHVMX02000000000

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