Magnetic Stirrers

Ideal for laboratory experiments like mixing, homogenization, speeding up reactions, buffer preparations.

Uniform Mixing: For all laboratory applications with low viscosity fluids

Strong Magnetic Field that allows stirring volumes up to 2L with ease.

Spillage proof Design and Robust body that is both heat and chemical resistant.

Time Function to set a timer for known timed reactions

Technical Specifications

Model MGS001
Stirring Position One
Max Cpacity 5L
Speed Range 200-2000rpm
Motor AC Brushless
Speed Feedback Yes
Set up Plate Dimension 146 x 156 mm
Set up Plate SS Top Plate
Display LED Display
Unit External Dimensions ( W x D X H) (284 x 188 x 120) mm
Process Time Setting 1-999 min & Continuous
Power consumption 25 W
Current consumption 0.5 A
HSN Code 84798200

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