Precision Heating Mantle

Sturdy and Elegant series of Precision Heating Mantle that maintains Temperature accuracy of ±1°C with auto cut off

Safe and Hassle free Operations

  • Thermally insulated, electrically grounded and powder coated metal body
  • Stainless steel top plate for corrosion resistant handling 
  • Quick clamp feature for easy heating element replacement

Reaches a Maximum element temperature of 400℃ for high heat demanding reactions.

Technical Specifications

Model HMC020 HMC050 HMC011
Flask Capacity 2 L 5 L 10 L
Flask Diameter 166 mm 255 mm 279 mm
Working Temperature range Ambient +5°C to 420°C Ambient +5°C to 420°C Ambient +5°C to 420°C
Display LED Display with time, temperature & process status LED Display with time, temperature & process status LED indication with energy Setting from 0-9
Temperature Accuracy ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C
Timer 0-999 Minutes 0-999 Minutes 0-999 Minutes
Exterior dimensions* (W x D x H) (263 x 355 x 136) mm” (430 x 335 x 170) mm (450 x 603 x 215) mm
Electrical Requirements 2.5 A 3 A 6 A
Power Consumption 450 W 600 W 1200 W
HSN Code 84198990 84198990 84198990
Ordering Information BLFHHMC02000000000 BLFHHMC05000000000 BLFHHME01100000000


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