Gen2 Heating Mantle

Specially designed for lab experts. to produce safe, controlled and uniform heating for various applications.

Precise Temperature control:

  • Rotary knob for precise setting of temperature and time.
  • Includes PT 100 external temperature probe with auto detection on plug in.
  • Integrated PID control for better temperature accuracy.

Safe Operations:

  • Automatic spill detection and safety shutdown feature.
  • Safe temperature settings to prevent accidents.
  • Robust Control Panel that is both resistant to both harsh chemicals and heat.
  • Process indicator LED
  • Digital energy regulator with 10 step power regulation.
  • Built in calibration for error setting.
  • Integrated retort rod holder for space saving apparatus assembly.

Technical Specifications

Model GME250 GME500 GME010
Flask Capacity 250 ml 500 ml 1 L
Flask Diameter 85 mm 105 mm 135 mm
Exterior dimensions* (W x D x H) (300 x 265 x 160) mm (300 x 265 x 160) mm (300 x 265 x 160) mm
Working Temperature range Ambient to 400°C Ambient to 400°C Ambient to 400°C
Mechanical Energy Regulator 0 – 100% 0 – 100% 0 – 100%
Electrical Requirements 0.65A 0.87 A 1.30 A
Power Consumption 150 W 200 W 300 W
HSN Code 84198990 84198990 84198990
Ordering information BLFHGME25000000000 BLFHGME50000000000 BLFHGME01000000000


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