Sleek Design, Pinpoint Accuracy: Elevate your Titration experience with Labquest e-Titrate!

Efficient & Accurate Volume Adjustment

  • Ergonomic Design: Tailored for efficient and accurate reagent aliquot dispensing and titration.
  • Antiskid Hand wheels: Featuring small fine adjustment wheels for precise control.
  • Reliable Precision: Ensures consistent accuracy in sample testing for reliable endpoints.

Moving Cannula Technology

Recirculation Mode Activation: the dispensing tube to 90° to initiate recirculation mode for priming, eliminating air bubbles in the burette without reagent loss.

Accidental Discharge Prevention: Rotate the dispensing tube to 180° to allow all titrant in the discharge tube to flow back to the reagent bottle, ensuring zero accidental discharge and facilitating hassle-free cleaning.

User-Friendly Reset and Calibration Functionality

Effortless Interface: press the Reset and Calibration key to activate Reset mode. A longer press, access Calibration mode, allowing users to fine-tune calibration based on varying titrant density and viscosity.

  • This feature enables in-house periodic calibration of the burette, ensuring accuracy without the need for third-party calibration services and associated costs.

Convenient Memory Storage

User-Friendly Operation: Press the Memory key to effortlessly save titration readings, minimizing the risk of transmission errors.

  • Ample Storage Capacity: Store up to 1000 readings, providing extensive data storage for later transfer to a PC.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Mitigate the risk of data manipulation and loss by utilizing our reliable memory function.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highest accuracy and precision, complies with DIN EN ISO 8655-3 requirements
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with most acids and alkalis
  • Automatic value storage and the possibility of transferring values to a PC via RS232 interface
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Automatically switches to power saving mode after three minutes of idle working position
  • Including NiMH 1,2V 2100mAh battery

Technical Data & Ordering Information:

Model Name Labquest E-Titrate Fine 50ml
Capacity (ml) 0- 50 ml
Display Increment (ml) 0.01
Accuracy in +- % 0.06%
Accuracy in +- ml 0.03
CV in+- % 0.02%
CV in +- ml 0.01
Ordering Code LH00201401200FA000

HSN Code: 90278090

Supplied with: e-Titrate, Suction tube, Discharge tube, Instruction Manual,Individual Certifcate serial number, Battery Charger, Adapter A25, A28, GL 32/45, S40.


Brochure  User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

I have reached an equivalence point during titration. At the tip of the titrating tube one more drop can be seen. Does this drop at the tube tip still count to the displayed volume?

Yes, the drop at the tip of the titrating tube is part of the volume displayed by the Titrette. The drop size for the 50 ml instrument is approx. 30 μl. Close to the equivalence point the standard solution should be added slowly dropwise, depending on the titration method.

What chemicals can be used with e-Titrate?

Labquest e-Titrate can be used with various reagents, solvents & acids with safety & precision.
Labquest e-Titrate wetted parts constructed from FEP ( Suction hose, discharge tube , returning dosing tube)
Tefzel( Valve block)
Borosilicate glass (Valves, KPG Cylinder)
Ceramic , Platinum- Iridium (balls and valves)
Limitations of using e-Titrate include:
• Hydrochloric
• Liquids which corrode PTFE , FEP , Tefzel , Platinum-Iridium or where catalytic changes to these materials can occur.
• Crystallizing or precipitating solutions
The adapters are made of polypropylene and shall only be used with non PP-aggressive media
For details, please refer to the operation manual OR Scan ”QR Code” on dispenser to download chemical compatibility list.

How to do recalibration in e-Titrate?

You can easily recalibrate the value by pressing “CAL” until the display shows “CAL”. With the buttons “+” and “-” you can now adjust and correct the value. e-Titrate can also be adjusted to liquids with other density and viscosity.

Can I connect  e-Titrate to a computer for data recording?

Yes e-Titrate can be connected to a computer for direct data transfer, thus eliminating potential data transcription errors

What is ISO8655 all about?

ISO 8655 is the test standard for pipettes, dispensers, all liquid handling products and their calibration.
This international standard has been developed for:
• Manufacturers as the basis of their quality control
• Test centers for independent certification
• Operators of the devices for routine tests

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