The environment friendly Recirculating Chillers

Ergonomic design with ease to read process parameters

Reliable microprocessor PID temperature control

Simple operation and navigation menu

Technical Specifications

Model CTR 175 CTR 500 CTR 101
Tank Capacity 5L 7.5L 10L
Tanks Size (L x W x D) (325x176x150) mm (325x265x150)mm (325x265x200)mm
Cooling capacity 175W 500W 1000W
Pump flow rate 12.5 LPM 12.5 LPM 12.5 LPM
Heater Capacity (Watt) 2000 W 2000 W 2000 W
Temperature Stability ±0.03°C ±0.03°C ±0.03°C
Temperature Range -20 to 100°C -10 to 100°C -10 to 100°C
HSN Code 84198990 84198990 84198990
Ordering Information BLFPCTR17500000000 BLFPCTR50000000000 BLFPCTR10000000000

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