Freshly Distilled Pure Water for Oxygen Concentrators

Water Distillation Systems from Borosil

ICMR, WHO, Medical experts, Oxygen concentrator manufacturers recommend the use of steriled water to reduce the risk of blackfungus infection – Mucormycosis in Covid-19 patients. Borosil’s Compact Distillation unit makes fresh distilled water every day in a simple setup.

Use fresh distilled water to minimize the risk of Mucormycosis

In the past few weeks the deadly black fungus, Mucormycosis, with a mortality rate of 50% has been reported frequently in Covid-19 patients getting treated in hospitals.

It is seen to affect the individuals with low immunity who come in contact with fungal spores in their environment.

Don’t let an Oxygen Concentrator Lead to Infection

Manufacturers of Oxygen Concentrators e.g. Phillips, recommend guidelines to prevent respiratory infections. Some of the important recommendations are,

  • Cleaning the humidifier bottles daily
  • Replacing the water in the humidifier bottles with distilled water daily
  • Oxygen tubing and humidifier bottles MUST be cleaned and sterilized regularly

How fresh distilled water will make a difference?

Many bacteria and fungi are known to grow even in the low nutrient distilled water when stored for longer periods. During storage the distilled water gets exposed to the external environment such as sunlight, dust particles, contaminants etc. Contaminants may also leach in the water through the plastic containers used for storage. Over a period of time, there is all probability that microbial growth occurs inside the storage containers contaminating the water, which often remains unnoticed.

For critical applications such as medical use, the best and the safest practice would be to use freshly made distilled water collected in glass containers.

Recommendation by Medical Experts

Experts are saying maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at the hospitals, ICU units is required to have a control over the spread of Black Fungus –

“We must educate healthcare workers, paramedics and ICU technicians to frequently change the flowmeter’s water and sterilize oxygen tubing, most importantly only distilled water is used”

Dr. Vipin M. Vashishtha

Water Distillation Unit

  • Distilled water from potable tap water
  • Easy maintenance
  • Unique condenser design for maximum output
  • No recurring consumable cost


  • For cleaning and refill of humidification bottles in concentrators, oxygen lines and Cylinders
  • CPAP - Medical Devices (continuous positive airway pressure)
  • Nebuliser & Other Medical Devices

Ready to use distilled water in FOUR simple steps

  • Unbox and follow the simple DIY instructions to assemble the unit.
  • Connect to standard tap water supply & drain hose to sink
  • Connect power supply
  • Collect freshly prepared clean pure distilled water.

Specifications & Ordering Information

Model Eco MS
Output 4 Litres per hour
Typical pH 5.0 - 6.5
Conductivity 3.0 - 4.0 μS/ cm
Pyrogen Content* Pyrogen free
Water Supply 1 Lit / minute, 3 -1 00 psi (20-700kPa)
Electricity Supply 220 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, Single Phase
Power Requirement 3 kw
Dimensions ( W x D x H) 500 x 150 x 450 mm
Product Code 100336104LG00M
Price INR 36,000.00

* Inlet water TDS < 100 ppm

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